PayPal Integration for QuickBooks Online Edition

To set up PayPal automation, you need to tell OE Companion a few things about how you want to enter PayPal transactions. By default they are recorded as sales receipts. You also need to enable this capability in your PayPal account. Don’t worry. It’s easy, and we’ll give you the exact steps to take. It takes about 10 minutes to set things up properly.

Once configured, that’s it. It’s all automated from there. When someone makes a payment to you via PayPal, PayPal notifies OE Companion. OE Companion then records the transaction and sends it to QuickBooks Online. Now you can have your accounting records up-to-date without having to enter data manually or deal with a messy import. There’s one other cool feature. If you use OE Companion to manage inventory also, you can automatically update your inventory counts based on your PayPal transactions.

To see OE Companion in action, play the video below (click the arrow), or sign up for a free trial to see it firsthand.